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What is Silestone?

Granite Worktops of York has had the pleasure of working alongside Silestone since our inception.  Silestone is part of Cosentino, the world’s most prestigious supplier of Quartz, Granite and Dekton.

Cosentino’s quartz surface collection comes under the ‘Silestone’ banner. It is a hybrid surface comprised of minerals and recycled materials, manufactured by using exclusive and innovative technology. This material is an outstanding quartz surface for kitchen tops, bathroom pieces, wall cladding and more!

It offers a huge range of colours with advanced finishes and properties. It has extreme durability in kitchen and bathroom. Making it the go to quartz internationally!

Silestone Range

 We are an elite fabricator of Silestone by Cosentino. Silestone’s range of quartz is unmatched giving you, as a customer, plenty of options!

At Granite Worktops of York we offer a range of stocked Silestone colours. This means we can make the job cheaper for you! There are colours hand picked by us you can view here.

These colours are handpicked by Meridian to show case what is on trend at the moment. You’ll see these colours give plenty of colour and pattern range! If you’d like a quote or more info feel free to drop us a message.  If you would like any further information or pricing options just let us know!


Silestone Integrity Sinks

Did you know you can now have a matching Silestone sink when fitting your surface? Just have a look at the picture above!

This is stock dependent and come in various sizes. If this is something you might be interested in, just let us know! We’d be happy to check stock and sizes in the colours that catch your eye!

Why is Silestone perfect for worktops?

  • Silestone is a virtually non-porous surface that can resist the stain from coffee, wine, lemon juice and other daily products.
  • The high impact resistance of Silestone, allows flexibility in your kitchen when facing manipulation of objects such as pans and trays
  • Silestone is a hybrid surface comprising minerals and recycled materials, manufactured by using the exclusive and innovative HybriQ+ technology.
  • Silestone is highly resistant to scratches.
  • Cosentino offers consumers 25 years warranty for the Silestone kitchen worktops.

Silestone Warranty

As the global leader of quartz surfaces, Silestone offers a 25 year warranty on its products.

If looked after properly Silestone surfaces should last a life time. However, the warranty provides a remarkable time period for any potential material faults.

Please note this must be registered within 6 months of fitting through their website and does not cover purposeful damage (cutting on surface, excessive force, placing heat on surface etc).

If you have recently had your Silestone surfaces fitted follow the link here to register.

Cleaning your Silestone worktop

Remember prevention is the best form of protection! You can read our top tips for cleaning quartz here.

We can also offer Silestone’s ‘Q Action’ cleaner. It keeps the worktops as beautiful as the first day, and cleans all kinds of stains with a PH protector keeping your hands from damage!

If you’d like to purchase the Q Action cleaner just get in touch with out office!

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