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Buying Guide
You choose your stone

We have a wide selection of granite, quartz and calacatta from renowned suppliers. Have a browse through our product range on our website and then come into our Yorkshire showroom to see them for yourself.

Browse our range of natural and
engineered stone

You design your feature with us

It takes a subtle understanding of the properties of stone to create a stunning surface. Our designers will discuss with you how you’d like it to look and function, and then suggest shapes, joins and finishes to suit.

Meet our artisanal stonemasons

We prepare the slabs

Once the designs are finalised, it’s over to our workshop to get your stone ready. Your slabs will be cut to size with computer-controlled technology, polished and packed. They’ll be ready to be sent out on the road to your home or premises.

See our workshop

We maintain and care for your stone

Granite has been thousands of years in the making so it won’t wear out quickly. That said, as a naturally occurring material, it does need preservation here and there. Our stonemasons are on hand to touch up or seal your work surface whenever you need us.

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